Mission Statement

   Established in 1927 primarily to serve the Baptist churches in their leadership promotion, the Myanmar Institute of Theology, with its foundational basis in God’s word and standing in its Baptist faith tradition, is fully committed to serve all the Christian churches to equip men and women from all streams of life for serving God in the churches and in the world. To achieve its mission,the Institute strives to offer the students the following:

(1) A solid foundation in learning the word of God in its historical and theological contexts;
(2) A practical training for ministry in the churches and in the world; and
(3) The spiritual formation of the students to sustain them throughout their ministries.


   The purpose of the Myanmar Institute of Theology is to equip men and women for the Christian ministry and service in the world. The Institute strives to provide a context in which students acquire a theological education which is biblical, theological and practical.

Contact Information

Website : www.mitheo.com
Office Superintendent : 95-1-643115
Admission Office : 640168
Treasurer Office : 647430
President's Office :643026
Vice President's Office :641388